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Spoken Tokens® has become a community of people who believe that everywhere in the world people connect with each other through their spoken words at a very deep level. Spoken Tokens exists to provide in this world turned upside down the focal point which has never failed us – love between people.

Spoken Token hearts are not discardable “landfill stuff” but keepsakes of priceless connections between people. Stories of how Spoken Tokens have impacted lives have become an important part of our community.

I invite you to share your story of how Spoken Tokens has brought happiness and joy, comfort and calmness, peace and tranquility to spirit and soul, by emailing us at Please also connect with us on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dear Spoken Tokens

I'm writing this note to say thank you. My grandmother has Alzheimer's and her memory is quickly slipping away. Last week Mom said that eventually my Grammy won't remember my name at all. This made me very angry because at fourteen my Grammy is supposed to remember everything important that happens to me.

But things got better last Sunday when Mom and Grammy gave me one of your Love Heart Spoken Tokens. Grammy recorded these words while I was sitting beside her: "Congratulations on making the cheerleading squad. You worked hard to make that happen and I'm so proud of you. You hold a special place in my heart and even when I will forget, I want you to remember that I love you Christie."

So this week when Grammy had one of her forgetful moments and things were a little tough, I just played Grammy's message to me over and over again and it REALLY has helped.

Thank you for helping us to capture my Grammy's words of comfort as I hold the heart she gave to me.

Christie D.
Fargo, ND

Good Day Spoken Tokens,

I first learned of Spoken Tokens when my friend was so excited about showing me something “special” she was going to send to her husband who is stationed overseas.

She had purchased the Patriotic flag heart in which she was able to put her voice filled with love and heartfelt emotions to him inside the heart.  All he had to do was push a button to hear his wife’s voice message.  Being physically so far away, the heart token made it seem like they were side by side.

After hearing of the connection the Spoken Token brought to my friend and her husband, I thought of numerous people in my life who would be ecstatic to hear my words to them inside a heart that they could play over and over and over.  Words that I had never said to them before but were so easy to put inside a heart.  Now my loved ones know how much I care and value what they have brought into my life through Spoken Tokens.

Thank you Spoken Tokens for such a wonderful product!

Rita D.
Dayton, Ohio

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