Heart Gifts

Spoken Tokens - Authentic Gifts & Keepsakes

A Spoken Tokens Heart is a hand held, recordable heart that you can use to create precious voice memories of life events, special occasions and holidays. Priced at $19.95, heart tokens are lasting expressions of love and sentiment.

There is a reason why you are visiting our web site. There is someone in your life, perhaps some reason in the life of another, which matters so much that you are searching for a way to express your thoughts, your feelings, your love.

When it comes to expressing how you feel about another, when you have an intended message, there is only one way to say what is in your heart.

Spoken Tokens was created for that purpose... ...to provide a lasting way for the heart to hear what the heart holds.

We invite you to watch our video, and browse our collection of heart tokens.Thank you for visiting!

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